Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miley Cyrus' LOL: Drinking, Drugs, Lesbian Kisses and More [Video]

We all get that Miley is no longer a Disney darling, but it seems things have intensified in a bad way. LOL is the name of Miley's movie where she stars with Demi Moore as a rebellious teen named Lola.
20 June 2010 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Miley Cyrus. 21st Annual MuchMusic Video Awards held at MuchMusic HQ. Photo Credit: Brent Perniac/AdMedia

What can be so bad about a rebellious teen? Well, nothing and everything depending on how rebellious that teen is. In Lola's case, this is clearly not a film you will want to take your child to if they are under the age of 16, and even then you might want to hold off a year or two until they can decide on their own to see it.
According to Hollywood Life, in the movie Lola looses her virginity, talks about sex incessantly, smokes pot, drinks heavily, and also accidentally shows her mom - played by Demi - her Brazilian wax. If all that wasn't bad enough, Lola also makes out with not one, but two female friends. We get it, Miley. You aren't a kid anymore.
"You're my daughter," Demi tells Miley at one point, "And I won't let you turn into a porn star!" Good for Lola's mom. Now why won't Miley's parents tell her the same thing? It doesn't matter if it's in film and fake. This is the image she's presenting to her fans, and her parents should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Miley to take this kind of role. Now more than ever, Miley's young fans that were instrumental in her rise to fame are being alienated by her adult career choices.

Demi also said that Miley is grounded and nothing like her character. Yet, Demi, yet. Give her time, she's working on it.

Demi also said that "[Miley] is a true professional, and she truly has a wonderful family," she said. "It really shows." Not sure this is something that others would agree with based on what this film includes, but glad Demi thinks that.

Assuming that LOL stands for the Internet acronym for laughing out loud, it's pretty much a given that parents will not find anything here worth loling over. It's doubtful that teens would, either.

There's currently no release date for LOL, but it's reportedly due out in 2011.

Will you line up to see LOL? Will you allow your children to see it?
You can view a video about LOL below.

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"T" Creature of Darkness said...

So what if in fact Miley does come out as a Lesbian? What's wrong with that??? Perhaps it's about time Society got it's head out of it's butt and realized that there are in fact Lesbians in this world and that we do exist and it is completely natural , normal and healthy...also it most certainly not a lifestyle...we are born this way and there's nothing wrong with it.

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