Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New lesbian drama on the way for UK

A BBC lesbian drama is causing a stir in the UK before it has even aired.

  Lip Service follows the lives of a group of lesbians in their 20s. Although it is set in Glasgow rather than West Hollywood, there are clear parallels with The L Word – it's based around friendships, relationships, general life struggles and sex.
The show's apparently 'saucy' content has already grabbed British tabloid headlines, with News of the World reporting a show insider as saying: "Lip Service has the same buzz as Queer As Folk but might prove too edgy. There are a lot of naked sex scenes between women. Bosses think it's too explicit for BBC1 - so they're starting it on (BBC) Three."
Another 'insider' questions whether it's an attempt by BBC bosses to gain ratings.
However a reviewer from Beehive City says "Lip Service is far more than glossy lesbo-porn (although it does have quite a lot of that in it), the show has a solid script and multi-dimensional characters that have been well crafted ... It is such a pleasure, and somewhat of a shock by recent standards to see BBC Three commission a genuinely interesting, engaging and provocative drama that young people will enjoy."
Lip Service premieres on October 12 on BBC Three.

Watch a brief clip from the show below: