Thursday, November 12, 2009

Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas !!

Note : these are simple ideas that you can use it , i hope you find it useful :)
Just because you're in a long distance relationship (or LDR) doesn't mean the two of you can't have a date together. What it means is that you have to be a tad more creative than most people when it comes to date ideas and keeping the love alive.

Things Needed For a Long Distance "Date"

Although not crucial to making a long distance relationship work, there are some items can make the time spent away from each other just a little bit more tolerable. My bare-bones suggestions would be to have the following items:
  • A free chat program, like MSN or Yahoo!;
  • Free internet phone service, such as Skype 
  • A decent web cam and microphone.

Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas Using Technology

For those that aren't willing to buy a web cam or use internet telephony services, skip to the next section for more traditional date ideas for those in a long distance relationship. But for anyone who doesn't mind using technology to feel closer to their partner, why not try one of these suggestions?
    Play a Game: From battleship to checkers, board games to online games, there are thousands of games to choose from that you and your partner can play online, together.
    Second Life: If you haven't heard of it already, make a point of checking out Second Life an online virtual reality where anything is possible - including having a date with your partner.
    Video Theme Night: There is no shortage of video to watch online with the advent of websites like YouTube. Plan for a theme night, where both of you are responsible for a certain time period each of video entertainment. Some ideas include having a cartoon or foreign film festival or creating your own personal edition of America's Funniest Videos.

Everyday Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas

Few of these dates ideas for people in a long distance relationship require anything specific to orchestrate other that your time and energy, although a phone call if the two of you want to converse live-time during the date might be nice.
      Stargaze: For a romantic menage-a-deux, go outside with some wine and your telephone, so the two of you can peer at the stars together while talking about your hopes and dreams for the future. if a phone call isn't possible, have the both of you write in a journal what came to mind during the moonlit event to share with each other at a later date.
      Dinner & a Movie: Call a local-to-your-partner restaurant, and order them a romantic meal to be delivered on a pre-agreed upon date and time. While you're at it, find an online movie rental company like Netflicks and have the same movie delivered too. Now you'll be sharing dinner and a movie, together.
      Bedtime Stories: Pretend the two of you are kids again and need a story before the lights go out. Take turns telling each other a made-up fairy tale, or tape yourself speaking into a microphone and send it via snail mail or mpeg file for your loved one to listen to at their leisure.
      Create a "Date in a Box": Go to your local dollar store and get a relatively large box. In it, put things that your sweetheart will both appreciate and make them think of you. Then, mail it to them. Don't be afraid to 'theme' your box either: bubble bath for two (champagne glasses, bath oil, candles), night out on the town (tickets to a show along with a homemade scarf or sweater), or dinner and a movie (gift certificate, DVD, chocolate kiss). Make sure to include a note that says something along the lines of, "Wear this item enclosed or snuggle with a blanket while using the items in box, pretending as if I was right there beside you."